During one of my travels over the internet I came across the material papercrete. I became interested because it seemed so simple to make yourself. In essence you only need paper and cement, mix it together and you have your own made material.

Wanting to learn more about it I was surprised to find that the materials is already used a lot, bud it seemed to me that everyone did the same thing, making blocks and building houses out of them. I wanted to know what I could do with the material, so I started up to work with it to get to know the material.

Papercrete is still an experimental material and is mostly made from discarded paper. It is low cost, versatile, light weighted, bud it is hard to process and takes a very long time to dry. The material has a nice tactility and different kind of papers provide different character.

For toegepast 16 at Z33 I tested and searched for my own recipe and in combination with whitewood I made these experimental furniture collection.